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Local eco friendly expert Realtor in Southwest Florida

Your local eco friendly Cape Coral Real Estate Agent



After showing Cape Coral real estate for years in a gas guzzling car, I finally made the decision to switch to an eco-friendly Toyota Prius  The results in gas savings and overall environmental friendliness has made all the difference! I often have clients ask about green options on houses here in Cape Coral and we are really starting to see more solar homes that are more self sustainable while lowering the homes carbon footprint.

Recycling programs are also very big here in Southwest Florida and we try to reduce as much of our footprint as possible. We are now doing this by implementing as many energy-saving tactics in our local new construction homes and condos being built. That includes Energy Star Appliances and extremely efficient heating and air systems. We have not yet seen the popular wind options for green technology in Southwest Florida but I assume it will be here at some point. We are however seeing biofuel and ethanol at the gas pumps for those flex fuel vehicles that are becoming more and more popular. I would not say that I’m a tree huger but I do feel like global warming is a problem and every little bit that each of us can help is a good thing. I enjoy my Toyota Prius and clients seem to love it.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly green agent in Cape Coral give me a call, I’d be glad to help you find the perfect environmentally friendly Florida home.

We show Cape Coral homes by water – Lenora Marshall Blue Water Realty

Cape Coral Real Estate seen from Waterfront

As of late I have been writing a lot about specific Cape Coral neighborhoods on or local blog, but on this post I’d like to focus on what Cape Coral is like showing from a boat and how drastically different the home shopping experience is than driving around and looking at all of our Cape Coral homes from the front. Most the homes in Cape Coral are very basic ranches some are more updated than others, but when you get out and about via boat and actually see the homes from behind you can actually see where homeowners have installed incredible infinity edge pool’s, very large dramatic lenighs and boat lifts suitable for 30, 40 and 60 foot yachts. As you navigate from the Gulf of Mexico up the Caloosahatchee River coming into Cape Coral via water you’ll typically pass Redfish Cove and Glover Bight as you make your way in towards the eight lakes passing Tarpon Point and Marker 92.

Hopefully with this blog post you will see some of the recent pictures I’ve taken of local homes from canals that have some of the incredible gulf access that Cape Coral is most famous for. One of my favorite spots to come into Cape Coral via water is through the lock while passing rumrunners and the incredible development of Cape Harbor. As you navigate through the waterways after the lock you will enter a body of water called the spreader which has some of Cape Coral’s most beautiful and expensive homes that overlook it. As you follow the spreader north down Sands Dr. you are technically heading towards Matlacha and Pine Island and towards the Trafalgar area of Cape Coral.

The views of Cape Coral real estate by the waterfront is a wonderful experience and can make all the difference in the world on your decision of what type of waterfront property you may purchase. You may be interested in sailboat access, intersecting canal, one of the eight lakes, or just a really wide canal like the spreader to handle your 40 to 80 foot yacht 

Cape Coral at night – what is there to do? Bingo or Drinks?

What is there to do after looking at houses all day?


Not only can Cape Coral be a great place to go fishing, there is actually some great nightlife in this no longer sleepy little retirement town. Places to visit like the Tiki Hut Bar, The Nauti Mermaid or always popular Brew Babies bring this normally quiet little Southwest Florida town hopping after dark. A great place to visit if you’d like to go out and have a drink is Marker 92 or Rumrunners. Both of these local bars offer views of the Caloosahatchee River Watershed and if you’re lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of a multi-million dollar yacht coming in as you enjoy a cocktail.

While you are visiting Cape Coral don’t spend too much time going out because there are lots of homes to go see and great deals to still be had in Cape Coral foreclosures and short sales. If you’re not yet ready to search for a new home please enjoy some of the pictures that I’ve taken of Cape Coral at night. These pictures alone should get you excited enough to come down and visit our little jewel of a community just outside of Fort Myers and Pine Island.


If BINGO is more your speed check out the top local bingo hall in Southwest Florida!






Cape Coral Deal of the Month – Land

Cape Coral Gulf Access, Fresh Water, Gulf or Riverfront Land

It is a remarkable time for buying land in South West Florida. Currently, there is a wealth of opportunity in this amazing area that provides so much greatness everywhere. Buying  Cape Coral Florida land is great for all types of individuals and families that are looking for a grand area to live in. Including the wonderful weather throughout the year, there is also the perfection of having gulf access and fresh water close by in the South West Florida area. In Sanibel Island, the real estate value has been raising significantly in recent years. The architecture in Sanibel Island is just the beginning of what makes this area in South West Florida extremely desirable. There is also wonderful lush landscape and beautiful palm trees that surround the area. And, don’t forget the splendor of having Fort Myers land  just a few miles from the homes within the area.