Alva real estate for sale

Located just a few minutes outside of Fort Myers, the real draw to living in Alva is the easy access to all the big city attractions. However, residents also enjoy the country setting of Alva, which is a change of pace when compared with the adjoining communities in the area; many of which boast beautiful beaches and great nightlife. This makes it easy for Alva residents to enjoy the entertainment, but also gives them the opportunity of living in a more comfortable, quiet setting.


The neighborhoods with homes for sale in Alva provide residents with just that; a peaceful, serene atmosphere to relax in. The neighborhoods range in size and design, but the majority of them offer an inviting landscape lined with well-maintained homes. Some of the more popular architectural styles found in Alva are Mediterranean designs, quaint bungalows and Traditional ranches, which all blend together to create unique communities. This diversity of styles also makes it easy for any potential buyer to find a home that suites their needs. Many of the neighborhoods in Alva go above and beyond to give residents specific opportunities to live in a community of like-minded people. From neighborhoods that cater to the equestrian community to neighborhoods with golf courses to subdivisions with direct access to the Caloosahatchee River, there is something for everyone in this city.

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And while the communities may offer a wide array of activities and amenities for residents to enjoy, the city of Alva and the outlying communities also offer plenty to choose from. There are too many beaches to name in this area of Southwest Florida, and the same goes for golf courses. So, any golfers and fishermen will be hard pressed to find a dull moment. Shopping, dining and nightlife are also plentiful in Alva, as well as a plethora of outdoor spaces for recreation and leisure; many of which are situated along the Caloosahatchee River, making many of these homes ideal for any water sport enthusiasts. The location of Alva is perfect for pleasure seekers, but the essentials—schools, grocery stores, etc.—are also spoken for in the city.
The real estate available in Alva offers residents a safe retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the adjoining beach communities. The city may be set off from the urban sprawl, but resident still enjoy convenient access to all the attractions of the outlying communities.