Seeing homes by boat in Cape Coral


As a seasoned and productive local real estate expert, I am often asked to show homes via boat in Cape Coral. This is something that I feel is important for getting a great feel for what are community really looks like by water. The majority of our homes are traditional ranch with many different elevations and styles to choose from but where they really become interesting is the back of the properties. Cape Coral looks so much different when looking at homes via water. Our community really is so beautiful and has such incredible access to the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico.

With that being said I have shown homes via boat many of times and if you are pre approved homebuyer looking to purchase a waterfront Cape Coral or Fort Myers property and I would be honored to show you homes by boat. This really is important to me especially if you are spending over a half a million on a home you want to see how close the access is to the Gulf of Mexico and what type of access it may be. You may have to deal with a walk or you may have to deal with multiple bridges where your boat may not fit. This is why is important to take a look at homes via boat before making such a large purchase on a waterfront Cape Coral property.

New Local MLS search options for waterfront homes

Now search by waterfront MLS type in Cape Coral and Fort Myers


I am always trying to keep our loyal home searchers as updated as possible of the newest and coolest search trends on our website. Most people don’t know but we use a company called Ihomefinder, there are also companies called diverse solutions, wolfnet and real estate webmasters. With Ihomefinder we now have the option to offer the home search for all SW. Florida kinds of waterfront home options with choices like Basin, Creek, Gulf frontage, harbor, intersecting Canal, Lagoon, Lake, mangrove, river frontage and even with a seawall!

This stellar MLS fed search really helps when looking for a sailboat access home or waterfront home possibly on a lake that is gulf access like the eight lakes in Cape Coral or if you’re looking for something with the seawall on river frontage or gulf frontage. You can also couple this incredible option of different waterfront properties with just listed or foreclosure properties in the area. We are really proud of this additional search option and if you would like to use it as you are searching for your next Southwest Florida home then go to the top right of our site where it says search for MLS and then utilize the drop-down that is additional waterfront options. I think you will find this as a greater option than other local sites and hope this will help you find the most perfect Cape Coral, Fort Myers or any of the popular local communities or islands around the area.

Why I love working at Blue Water Realty of Cape Coral


I have been at Blue Water Realty now for over a year and really enjoyed my time here with this top-notch Cape Coral brokerage. Blue water Realty is based in Cape Coral and I am proud to work for organization that has its roots in our local economy. The agents that I work with a Blue Water Realty are all extremely professional and knowledgeable about the different areas of Cape Coral that they work in. These systems, staff and leadership at Blue Water are a prime example of how a boutique successful real estate firm should be run. If you were looking for waterfront homes, condos or some of the nicest luxury subdivisions in Cape Coral I would be honored to help and you know that you have the backing of such a great organization of Blue Water Realty of Cape Coral.

February Market update


I would like to take a few minutes and update all our wonderful visitors on the site before I go and show three different sets of clients homes today here in Cape Coral. I have been involved in real estate for over eight years in Southwest Florida and have never seen the real estate market quite like this. This market is different than 2006 because there is far less inventory available because less people are willing to sell their home for a lower price than what it was valued for at the peak of the market. One other case that makes this a very unique situation is the strength of the euro and other countries like Canada’s dollar compared to ours. We are getting many investors purchasing homes in Southwest Florida because of the strength of their dollar and how far their money goes.

Some of the most popular products of homes and condos that I’ve been showing lately have been either affordable waterfront condominiums typically priced under 200K that are perfect for turnkey investments or the popular half-million dollar Gulf access property that was priced closer to 1 million in the height of the market. There are currently great deals on those type of homes because of the price and because of the amount of inventory due to the numerous canals that are beautiful town has.

One of the most popular pages on our website lately has been the custom search that I set up for Cape Coral homes with pools. There are a few other agents out there that have this feature on their website and it is a really nice touch to help you get as specific as possible about finding your perfect Florida dream home.

Please email me or call me if I can be of any assistance in you finding your perfect home here in Southwest Florida.