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The real estate available on Sanibel Island, FL ranges from luxurious mansions to modest bungalows. The architecture accents the island feeling of Sanibel Island, utilizing stucco veneers and tiled roofs for a classic aesthetic; archways and columns are also used strategically to enhance the look of the homes. Palm trees and greenery adorn the landscape of the real estate as well, and the yards of the homes are well maintained for a clean appearance. The interiors of the real estate in Sanibel Island are filled with upgrades and renovations, ranging from high ceilings to updated kitchen and bathroom appliances that make the homes more modern and functional.

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Sanibel Island is lush with beaches, many of which are within a few miles of the homes; some homes also feature gulf access with views of the water from the lanais. A Wildlife Refuge is located on Sanibel Island and offers acres of green space to residents. Tarpon Bay is just around the corner from the majority of the homes and also features some fine beaches for recreation and leisure. Cape Coral and Fort Myers are just across the bridge as well, and both feature fine shops, restaurants and golf courses.

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Sanibel Island offers fine restaurants and shops of its own, as well. The streets of the island are lined with sidewalks and walking is promoted in Sanibel Island. The beaches and attractions of the island are within walking distance from much of the real estate, making living on Sanibel Island much like living in a resort. The entire landscape of Sanibel Island makes the real estate attractive beyond just the confines of the architecture. It is a beautiful place, with views and water access, that make it a wonderful place to live.