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Although the U.S. economy is not as robust as it had been several years ago, the truth is that for people looking to buy real estate, the time has never been better. Homes are priced more affordably and there isn’t as much competition for each home purchase. That means it’s a buyer’s market. Now is the time to peruse those MLS listings. You’ll get the most home for the best price possible. This is true all over the country, but especially in beautiful Cape Coral where athere are plenty of short sales and foreclosures to chose from.

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This verdant Florida city is simply one of the best places to live in the country. And now, with Cape Coral short sales, you can enjoy more home for less cost. Increasingly, more homes have come on the market as short sales. What this means is that people who paid over inflated costs for the home at the height of the market may have fallen behind on their payments. The short sale takes place as an alternative action before the home falls into foreclosure. In this case, the lender agrees to the sale of a home for less than the amount owed on the note.

A Cape Coral short sale is ideal for the owner because it doesn’t affect the owner’s credit as a foreclosure would. For the buyer, a short sale means that the real estate they’ve dreamed of can be within their reach for a considerable amount less than usually possible. It’s a chance to buy a Cape Coral home as an investment in your future.

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Why would you want to consider MLS listings in Cape Coral? For starters, the standard of living in Cape Coral is high. Plus, besides the incredible view of the Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral residents enjoy a host of cultural and entertainment venues. Play a round of golf at the highly-rated Coral Oaks Golf Course. Or spend a day with the family at the famed Sun Splash Family Waterpark. And of course, if you have a boat, enjoy all that the Cape Coral Yacht Club has to offer.

If you thought that owning your dream home was out of reach in the resort community of Cape Coral, it’s time to reassess your thinking. Start your search today for the perfect home. Give us a call, we are short sale experts and can help guide you through this unfamiliar process to get you in the gorgeous home you thought was out of your reach.